Enrique Espinosa

Enrique Espinosa (Eeestudio) is an architect co-founder of PKMN architectures (2006-2016), head of Eeestudio (since 2016) and professor at CoLaboratorio (School of Architecture of Madrid - ETSAM). His practice revolves around learning processes and collaborative production, working in open networks. He is co-author of published and awarded projects such as Teruelzilla, All I Own House, The Young Old House or Furniture Urban Alphabets. He won with PKMN Arquia Próxima Prize 2014. He has coordinated projects of research such as Home Back Home, City creates City, Sampling Contexts for the Argument series of the DPA ETSAM or A Fine Line for the 2017 Euskadi Architecture Biennial. He has participated in other contexts such as the Venice Biennale 2016 and 2018, or as guest editor in the magazine Arquitectura COAM.