We live in spaces conceived for the human scale. But what about so many other realities that belong to the world and on which we are all dependent for a mutual understanding?
These days we live in seclusion to observe from the window how everything else grows again. Plants look wilder, birds sing in unusual frequencies, nature “gets out of control” all around in our cities. Roles are now reversed because us, responsible for a global pain that comes from far, are confined.

And now we realize our spaces are tight. The contact with the green -the “other” world- is minimum due to the loss of the habitat biological scale. What if we see the primitive cabin as the fusion with nature and not so much as a refuge from it?

For a healthier condition of living we should imagine places searching for a real equilibrium. Architecture should not become an insurmountable barrier for so many other realities that belong to our lives but a support for the multi-species in an inter-generational-cultural scale.

Enough of architectural seclusion and let’s think more about fusion!

"Primitive Hut", Marc-Antoine Laugier s.XVIII