Looking at this window, not a long ago, it comes to my mind all the contradictions that we are facing now and all the challenges that we will have to face after this situation is over. Being locked down but still with the freedom of looking outside in a non-formal way that leads us to imagine other realities were less things might be forbidden, where participation is not banned, where dynamism gains prominence against the inert and static.

Maybe all this is not to build something new but finding ways of rethinking what we have and turn it upside down to create a “poor architecture” but not in the means of impoverished, but in the way of achieving the maximum communication and dignity with minimal, humble means.

Dignity is another word to which we should pay attention as architects, as the new reality we’ll have to face must go beyond monotony of complying with construction regulations that don’t accomplish many people’s needs and incorporate totally different aspects so as not to create again urban and suburban “boxes” under the pretext of guaranteeing decent housing to a passive and isolated consumer, to a captive public.
This public is now caged inside houses, not homes, occupying a space but not inhabiting it. Caged in pattern houses were breaking up the established rules seems to be completely forbidden as it may cause a tragedy. We have to lose the fear of the limits of the house, they shouldn’t frighten us and incorporate abstract concepts, empty spaces, blank spaces, no-spaces, de materialized spaces.

Metaphorically, we live in square spaces when we should be living on a growing spiral of sinuous freer shapes, revolving from a centre made of ambiguity, freedom, metamorphosis and mutable spaces. Maybe this will be the role of the architect from now on; incorporating new and unexpected concepts that people didn't take seriously before but that from now on will be more aware of, and hopefully this will lead to better ways of inhabiting, both public and private spaces.

Quadra 4, Sesc Fábrica da Pompéia, São Paulo March 2020