Tamara  Blanes biography


We lead a restless and fearful life that does not allow us to have a fresh mind to reflect how much the very interesting proposal that you have generated deserves. I don't want to start without first congratulating you on the architectural career you have chosen and on the concerns that, from now on, begin to perceive the future.

Indeed, this pandemic that affects globally will change the behavior of the people who inhabit this planet and architecture will play a fundamental role in this change. The last three months demonstrate this and, therefore, the architect will have to face a great challenge and, in the immediate future, will be forced to reflect and seek solutions.

This resilience and participation project that you have considered is magnificent in that more opinions are obtained from architects, psychologists, environmentalists and countless other disciplines and scientists on various topics, new behaviors and procedures will emerge, taking into account that the world will continue to develop.

Practice has demonstrated and above all, in just three months, the importance of housing.

Yes, architecture has many typologies in which man participates as a social being, but the house, where it is shared with the family in most cases, shows day by day that it will be the place where we will be present for longer and where the work can be performed effectively.

Furthermore, this is not a new phenomenon, already years ago, the gigantic development of digital technology, the Internet, etc. allow you to put videoconferences and enormous updated information into practice, transmitted through social networks.

The expression on the domestic space in which we are "condemned" to live, I think it is not a sentence with sense because it is not a prison, but a space where more than ever there will be people will be present and, therefore, where this space it will have to guarantee comfort, functionality, beauty and all possible conditions generated by architects and designers who allow "man" to feel good and to be encouraged to create and carry out the work he does. This is already a great challenge.