Wk.arc is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional cabinet of curiosities, with the intention of bringing together a collection of signs for a resilient Architecture.

Is a growing collection of  ideas, texts, thoughts, opinions, that wants to explore and investigate the role of Architect nowadays: we propose the “act of collecting” both as a tool to provide examples for a comparison, both as the first step to think about the new role of the architect and the space we live in.

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We asked to a selection of Architects, Designers, Artists, Sociologists and Photographers to share their point of view

“The extreme reality we are experiencing today leads us to re-evaluate the conventional ways of living, to appropriate the domestic space, and asks us questions about the extraordinary use of the spaces that we are "condemned" to live, highlighting them at the same time, the qualities and the critical issues.
In the perspective of a supposed change, will it change? and if so, what will be the role of the architect? What will happen when we return to "normal" life? Will we treasure the reflections gained from this experience?”

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